You have a stomach.
You have a smartphone.
Now all you need is Dash n' Dine.

You would think that 6,000 pounds of pure deliciousness would be impossible to miss. But sometimes it’s easier to find Bigfoot than your favorite food truck. If only some genius would develop an app for that. Oh, wait – we did.

Dash n’ Dine dishes up heaping helpings of information about local food trucks, in real time. Use the app to find out where your favorite truck is right now, and how to get to it. Browse the menu of every food truck in town and follow your favorites. Check the calendar to see who’s going to be where and when. Grab your spork – it’s time to Dash n’ Dine.

We had a little help.

Dash n’ Dine was created in cooperation with Fort Wayne Food Trucks, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that spends every waking minute promoting and protecting the food truck culture. Their roster reads like a who’s who of the area’s favorite grubhaulers, including: Affine, Bravas, Jimmy Ray’s, Sol Kitchen, The Getaway Grill, Pizza Bomba, Ragin, Rig-A-Tony’s, Spicer’s, Vietnummy, Wise Guys Ice and Whip & Chill.